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Cacao has two stores, both located in Portland (one is attached to the Heathman Hotel on Broadway and the other is on 13th Avenue in the Pearl District). While Cacao has a wonderful supply of chocolate from around the world, they are best known for their chocolate drinks.

I have been to Cacao a few times, but only this last time was I daring enough to move away from their delicious hot chocolate and try their flight of all three drinking chocolate shots.

Flight of all Three Drinking Chocolate Shots $6.00

The flight includes a cinnamon infused drinking chocolate, a Rivoli dark drinking chocolate and a special spicy dark drinking chocolate. My least favorite was the special spicy, only because I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate and it calls for a 72% Arriba dark chocolate infused with cayenne pepper, smoked paprika and ginger. However, it was a close call between the cinnamon infused drinking chocolate, which has some milk chocolate mixed in with dark chocolate, and the Rivoli, but I think the Rivoli was actually my favorite. It is more simple than the special spicy with the same 72% Arriba dark chocolate, but without all of the spices.

I, of course, sampled these with two friends and definitely do not recommend more than one shot for one person. Next time, even though the three shots were definitely an experience, I do not think I will go for the flight again. I will instead opt for my hot chocolate, but I am definitely glad to have tried their signature item!

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