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Bijou, Café

The Bijou is one of my favorite breakfast spots in Portland. They have amazing omelettes and brioche french toast. While I usually go the sweet route when it comes to breakfast food, my family all ordered savory dishes this morning.

Fresh Northwest oysters hash dredged in cornmeal flour, sautéed with onions and potatoes $15.00

Farmer's French-style omelette with Carlton Farm bacon, Bravo cheddar cheese, onions and potatoes $13.00*

Oyster French-style omelette with fresh Northwest oysters, bacon and onions $14.75

I was so excited to start eating that, five bites into eating our meal, I realized I had not taken any pictures of our food--a true testament to the deliciousness of the Bijou's cuisine. While there is usually a bit of a wait, once you are seated and have made your order, the food comes very quickly. Parking can also be a bit tricky but, again, the food is definitely worth the time and energy.

* The Farmer's omelette is famed as being the perfect hangover-curing breakfast(definitely something to keep in mind...)

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