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Home in less than three weeks! Cannot wait to be around all summer eating delicious Portland food...

Grilled Cheese Grill

In my attempts to avoid reading Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and as a result of feeling a little homesick , I decided that I would procrastinate by posting on the blog about The Grilled Cheese Grill. Why, of all the food carts in Portland, would I decide to write about The Grilled Cheese Grill, you ask? Well, this evening I had a grilled cheese at the dining hall and with each bite, all I could think about was the BABS--a delectable grilled swiss cheese sandwich on rye with bacon, apples and blue cheese ($6.00). Needless to say, my grilled cheese sandwich tonight did not compare.

The Grilled Cheese Grill has two locations, one on SE 28th and Ankeny and the other on the corner of NE 11th and Alberta. The Ankeny location has a fantastic double decker bus, pictured above, that has been converted into a dining room of sorts. Whenever I opt to eat-in rather than take-out, I enjoy sitting on the bus and admiring the old yearbook photos of people that cover the bars and tables.

Over my fall break last year, I was pleased to discover that The Grilled Cheese Grill offers gluten-free sandwiches. Above is a picture of my celiacs-inflicted friend Christine, happily ordering her sandwich on gluten-free bread. 

While "The Goods" section of the menu is a practical meal, I am excited to try "The Sweets" section when I am home over the summer, especially the Jaime ($5.50), which includes marscapone, nutella and grilled banana. For what more could a girl ask?

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