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The Omnivorous Michael Pollan

Great article in The Wall Street Journal from late last year about Michael Pollan's home life. Click here to read!

Food Carts Portland

Food Carts Portland is the website to go to for all things food cart related in Portland. The website conveniently has a comprehensive map of the more than 200 food carts in Portland and an app available for your iPhone or iPad!

However, the thing that intrigues me most about Food Carts Portland is their food cart tours! For $25.00, you can learn the history of food carts in Portland, why there is such a scene for them in Portland, what works for food carts and what does not work, visits to some of Portland's best food carts and--the only reason I would go on the tour--food tasting from some of Portland's best carts! I have not heard from anyone who has actually been on the tour, but I am very interested in trying it out the next time I am home in Portland. Even if the actual tour is subpar, I am sure the food is delicious.