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Caffè Umbria

After running some errands in the Pearl District, my parents and I decide to stop for a cup of coffee at Caffè Umbria. Now, it is a rare occasion for my parents to frequent any coffee shop other than Starbucks, but with Caffè Umbria right across the street from Design Within Reach, it simply didn't make sense to walk over to the Starbucks on NW 11th and Couch.

Located on NW 12th and Everett
While the "caffè" appears a little posh at first, the service is quick and, in my few visits there, it's never been difficult to find a nice table to sit and enjoy your coffee. I normally just stick to coffee and ignore the decadent desserts in the case, but my mother was intrigued by the minestrone soup, which ended up being quite a delicious treat for her after a rainy afternoon!

Next time, I will have to try one of their specialty drinks, which of course I only noticed after making my generic chai tea latte order.

Chai Tea Latte $3.00
Espresso $2.00
Big Bowl of Minestrone Soup $6.00

While Caffè Umbria is not necessarily my first choice for coffee in Portland, perhaps not even my first choice in the Pearl District, it serves it's purpose and always provides a lovely atmosphere.

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