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Where's Kettleman Bagel Company and what's Einstein Bros?

That's right, what used to be Kettleman's is now Einstein Bros. The tasty boiled bagels that were signature to Kettleman's are now gone.*


According to the new FAQ section of the Einstein Bros website I was redirected to when I typed in, Einstein Bros bought Kettleman's because they are committed to growing their relationship with the community by opening the Einstein Bros bagel brand. Unfortunately, the new storefront on NW Lovejoy in between 23rd and 24th reminded me of a standard fast-food bakery... I guess it is just another classic story of a big ugly food chain buying out a small yummy food chain. Okay, maybe that is not a classic story, but one thing is for certain, I am going to miss Kettleman's dearly.

*What's that Einsteen Bros? You say there will still be three versions of boiled bagels? Well, you may call them boiled bagels, but the everything bagel I ate this afternoon did not compare in the slightest to the carby-deliciousness that were once Kettleman's bagels.

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