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Flavour Spot

I have yet to visit Flavour Spot in a while, but I found some old pictures of a visit last summer on my cell phone so I thought I would write about it today! Home of the "Dutch Taco," Flavour Spot created Portland's Original Waffle Sandwich. I would venture to say that it is the best waffle spot in Oregon, but I have yet to visit the Waffle Window off the corner of SE 36th and Hawthorne, which I have only heard great things about...

My friends posing for a picture after finishing a delicious breakfast at Flavour Spot.

My favorite item at Flavour Spot is the Black Forest, a seven-inch round waffle baked to order and wrapped to eat and go with Nutella and organic raspberry jam ($3.75). While I will admit that the sweetness is a lot to handle and that it can get a little messy with the melted chocolate and warm jam, it is definitely worth trying--maybe consider going with a friend and sharing the Black Forest along with one of their other less sugary items! The other waffle I have had is the PBM, which is a waffle with 100% pure organic maple syrup spread and peanut butter ($4.25). To learn more about their delicious concoctions, click here to see the menu.

From this picture, I think it is pretty clear that I (left) love the Black Forest.

Erica, Catie and Emma seem to be pretty into the Black Forest, too! (I encouraged them all to order it).

Flavour Spot also carries sweet and savory waffles, like the Sausage and Maple, which consists of a waffle with pork sausage patties and that delicious maple syrup spread I already mentioned ($4.75). When I revisit the cart this summer, I will definitely be tempted to try this and the Ham and Cheddar ($4.50).

While I have only visited their cart on the corner of NE Mississippi and Fremont, I found out from the website that Flavour Spot also has a cart on North Lombard, in between Denver and Greeley. The only differences between the two locations is that the Fremont location also serves hot dogs and soft serve ice cream.

Not too flashy, Flavour Spot is easy to miss! To see when it is open and how to get there, click here for the hours and directions for the Fremont location.

So, if you are looking for a sweet treat this summer, you cannot go wrong with anything you order from Flavour Spot. Plus, it is located right next to Mississippi Avenue, so you can grab your waffle and shop around all of the fun boutiques in the neighborhood!

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